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Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Downline is Not Succeeding? Or why my team isn't doing the work and isn't having success?

This is common in online business and I am going to share with you 4 key strategies to motivate your team in hopes that together you are all creating the successful business you dreamed to have.

So, why is your downline not having success? Why are they not doing the work and putting in the effort required to make it happen? What can you be doing differently to help them get on track to achieve their goals?

These are all great questions that you need to ask yourself… Follow these


1. Understand Why They Joined This Profession

We are people working with real people and we need to understand:

  • why our team joined this industry
  • what are their biggest dreams and goals
  • What are their desires
  • what is their purpose in life?

They may not have the same vision as you.  You need to respect that. Open the conversation and find out what really drives your team, and help them to achieve their goals. Meet them where they're at, understand their challenges and offer solid solutions that work!

2. Have a Simple Yet Effective Duplicable System

Do you have an easy yet effective and duplicable system that your team can follow? People will follow a leader that can teach them strategies that work, through the use of an easy to follow system.

3. Explore New Marketing Strategies

You must be open to exploring new marketing strategies to motivate your team and encourage them to do the same. Online marketing changes all the time and it's so important to stay on top of the latest trends. There is no one size fits all solution. You continually need to be learning the latest trends.  

Stay humble, there is no way to know everything. You never know who will teach you the next strategy that will change your business and potentially take you to the next level.

4. Support Your Team

Building a strong and solid community is key to having a successful business in any industry.

Create a solid foundation, where your team will feel supported, where you build trust and your team has a better chance of building and growing.

A sense of community is a big part for many people starting out in the business. Always remember: this is a people business, and we need to create a sense of belonging and support.

Watch my video below about the 4 Key Strategies to Motivate Your Team

Building a strong community requires effort. So, be there for your team, support them and provide them with the tools and systems they need to follow in order to succeed. Ultimately they need the initiative to do the work and take action on their own, so building the solid foundation on the front end will be worth the effort on your part.

Ultimately they need to take the initiative, do the work and take action on their own. So building a solid foundation on the front end will be worth the effort on your part.

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