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My blog offers training and resources to help you take action and grow your business through online marketing.

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I am so grateful that I came into contact with Candace for about one month ago when I was totally lost and desperately looked for ways to move my business forward.
I was stuck in figuring out who my audiences are and my brand.
Through Candace's coaching, she helped me come up with a brand that describes me and figure out my target audience. Thanks to this amazing woman, I see a light in the tunnel and have clarity. She did not stop there.
Candace helps me until today and I am very grateful to meet such an inspiring, strong and smart woman.
I hope to meet her live someday.
She is totally amazing.
The world needs more people like her.

Rispah Johsson


Candace helped me find my brand when I felt lost. She worked out my target market and I was amazed as I had never thought of this before. we worked on my brand and rebranded me to suit who I really am! She showed me I have strength and value. Candace found an amazing way for me to help people using all my passions! Now I can do what I love and really help people at the same time. We also worked on my confidence so that I had the confidence to carry off my new brand. Candace is always there for me and on hand when I have any questions. She is an amazing person who really cares. I would highly recommend Candace. I feel like she’s changed my life! Thank you so much Candace I am forever grateful!

Laura Gamliel


Watching from the sidelines was getting me nowhere. Since getting to know Candace and actually having a real conversation with her I have been able to go forward with my plans. Candace has helped me to figure out how to focus my time and energy into my business. Now I have the ability to move forward and focus on what’s important. No more working to be busy. Now my work is making accomplishments. This is just the beginning.






April Adam


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